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Seals process flow
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-03-16 PV :

Seals normal process flow

1.As an important object, container seal must accord with PAS, ISO 17712 standard. The seals manufacture shall provide test report and make record at commerce department.

2.Shipping Department appoints security department person to be charge of temporary storage of seals after receiving, and Shipping Preparation Department shall precisely record seal number at transportation bill

3. Strictly keep secret of transportation information and information system, especially customers real information and system, and guarantee contact without permit.

4. Guarantee seals condition be good and complete. Check seals can not open by hand.

5. Public security who are responsible for supervision of loading container shall keep storage of unlocked seals.

6.After closing cabinet, loading security person locks seals and confirms it can not open, take photo and keep record. Photo shall be clear to see seal number.

7.Loading person shall keep following record: loading date/container arrives factory time/cabinet type/sealing number/return time.

8.Shipping person shall check the information after receiving cabinet information of cargo workers or information provided by trailer company, fill in detailed cabinet seals record and make record if anything is right.

Abnormal process flow of seals

1. If public security finds abnormal situation during transportation process or other persons report seals damaged, cabinet damaged and other abnormal situation.

2. Shipping Department shall immediately contact shipping company and obtain new seal.

3. Highest level security principal appoints person to arrive site and know the specific situation, confirm if seals damaged then change new one and make record.

4. If confirm there is damage of goods in cabinet, or with abnormal situation in purpose, execute according to goods transportation management procedure.

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