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Small seal, large effect
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-03-21 PV :

Seal is although small, it has large application. 

1、When shipping by container, container seal is usually locked for the security of goods after cabinet door closes. The purpose is to prevent the open of container door and theft of goods. Furthermore, when goods are at transferring port, wharf, customs seal is usually locked after finishing check after opening container. 

 2、Seals are also locked at oil input exit so as to prevent stealing by drivers when oil tank trucks are transporting oil. 

3、Other sites 

As long as need sealing and do not want others to open, seals can be used. 

 4、Instrument and meters  

Many instruments like electricity box, water meter, gas meter, fire extinguisher, etc. need sealing locks. The purpose is to prevent personal open of seals, change the degree or configuration of meters, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of electricity water gas or oil stealing. Such small object, so big effect.

 5、Anti-fake and storage effect 

Seals can be used as anti-fake one-time use security seals, like commercial inspection, purchase on people behalf, sealing barrel, etc. With the use of one-time anti-fake seals can effectively prevent open and change of sealed objects.

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