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What are the rules of security seals system
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-03-23 PV :

1.Only use high security seals which meets with ISO17712. If the sealing person get the unused seal, firstly exchange to permittable seal. Register numbers of all seals and make a list. And then warehouse principal coordinates international business person to confirm the new model.

2.Warehouse sealing person locks seals to boxes. Seals can only be contacted and used by authorized persons. And if anyone picks up seals, need to timely handle to warehouse principal and report investigation reason.

3.Warehouse principal shall check seal number, delivery number after seals are locked in cabinet.

4.If found seals damaged during transportation or number does not accord with delivery number, report immediately. If seal is lost or damaged before sealing, warehouse people shall stop use and report. When installed seals get damaged or lost, loading, inspection and sealing procedures shall be executed.

5.After locking vehicle door, make seal and gate lock same level. Penetrate seal to lock hole from bottom and penetrate into seal head of unique number. And pull with strength to make sure it is locked well.

6.Check if the seal number is same with related information number.

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