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Application of Seals in Car License Plates
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-03-30 PV :

The Road Traffic Safety Law stipulates that vehicles on the road must hang the vehicle license plate with clear number on it, and it is not allowed to intentionally insulate and block the number plate of the motor vehicle. If it fails to hang as required, a fine of 200 yuan will be imposed with driving 6 points penalty. If it is caused by natural wear that cannot be properly suspended, it must be submitted to the local vehicle management office for re-applying in a timely manner. That is, if it is not hung according to regulations or it is not re-applied, it will be deemed as not being hung properly, which means you have to accept the punishment from the traffic police. So remember to check whether the seal on the car license plate is normally used.

The sealed license plates, not only can prevent theft, it can also help the management of the owners’ self-disassembling. Seals are one-time locks, such as plastic seals, seals beans, high security seals, once it is removed, it cannot be reused. So the owner will have to bear legal responsibility and be subject to certain penalties if the seal on the plate is disassembled. If the seal damage is caused by non-human factors and cannot be used normally, the owner needs to go to the traffic police department to explain the situation and apply for replacement of the seal.

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