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Container seal seal wrong number how to do
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-04-26 PV :

When container seals are used, it is sometimes wrong to promptly seal the container. In general, the seal number of a container (seal) is an acceptance or a declaration made by a customs agent.

The first three codes (Owner Code) mainly describe the owner and operator, and the fourth code indicates the type of container.

The second part consists of 6 digits. Is the registration code (Registration Code), used for the unique identification of a container box.

The third part is the check digit (Check Digit) which is obtained from the first 4 letters and 6 digits through the check rule operation. It is used to identify whether an error occurred during the check. The 11th digit.

The container seal number is composed of these three parts. Usually, when the error occurs, the first part of the container seal number is wrong. If your container goods have not started yet, you can immediately replace the container with a sealed one. It's relatively simple.

If the container is pulled away, it is found that the container seal number is wrong, then it is necessary to pay for the change. If we encounter the Customs inspection at the port of destination, the actual lead seal number and the bill of lading will not be able to correct it. It may turn from the original general inspection to a thorough inspection. This will cost a lot more and it will be quite troublesome.

 Another way is for you and the consignee to say that the wrong container seal number is now given to him and ask him to pick up the goods according to the wrong container seal number. However, this requires the cooperation of the consignee.

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