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E-commerce lighting new road to poverty alleviation
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-12-07 PV :

Nowadays the development of the Internet makes people inseparable from the network, the Provincial Department of Commerce released the news: 2018 province e-commerce into the rural full coverage awards policy has been introduced, according to "big support, small support, do not support" Principle, take the first to build subsidies, focusing on supporting the "county electricity supplier public service center, rural electricity supplier logistics distribution center, rural service site" and rural electricity supplier advanced counties, featured electricity supplier town and electricity supplier demonstration village construction, Promote rural products up.

E-commerce exchange

In order to better and more comprehensively develop the role of e-commerce and the Internet, the development of e-commerce has also started in rural areas. The development of e-commerce can better promote economic progress and development and bring wealth to rural people. The development of e-commerce can make peasants can not sell agricultural products and goods out of villages and towns to the world. A lot of rural areas because of the e-commerce With the Internet economy has been rapid development, such as Taobao Alibaba Village, made rich through the Internet is now an important way of economic development can not be ignored.

Taobao Village Forum

Civilization evolution, economic development, ecological improvement, everyone's life better, it means that the world move forward.

In the age of the Internet, which is about each of us, the carrier of this ambitious theme should look to the wider rural areas. The distance between the Internet and the world is getting smaller. The growth of e-commerce in the world and Hewlett-Packard, in the future, perhaps people often say that not the countryside, but the global village.

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