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Digital to create a new life -- entertainment, shopping
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-12-14 PV :

The recent digitization really is not only the development of the Internet fire, I do not know the economic changes in the way of consumption is also embodied. Now unmanned convenience stores continue to popularize, our company downstairs to open a newly opened, choose their own choice of things you want to sweep the code or someone's convenience store you can directly show the mobile phone to make clerk code Money is ok. When you go out shopping you'll also find mini KTVs, dolls, photo printers everywhere in the mall, which can be solved without the help of a waiter to operate our own, and this form of retail is also true for traditional retail Kind of challenge. 

Unattended convenience store

Today, this digital development is the development of the Internet, plus the number of our advantage. More and more people like to go out without money to create a foundation for the development of the digital market. Digital brings also brought business opportunities for offline sales, promote people offline enthusiasm for consumption. But now the technology of unmanned sales is not yet too mature, but also constantly exploring.

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