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Meter Seals
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-01-04 PV :

Meter Seals are a low-cost solution, providing a tamper-evident meter seal. The clear acrylic core is molded over a colored acrylic shell and is designed to reveal tampering. Combined with a stainless steel hasp, Meter Seals have a high level of customization, which includes colors, imprinting & barcoding. 


Used with any kind of traditional sealing wire 

Available colors for the inner locking mechanism 

Color:Red,yellow,blue,green or according to customers' requests 


1. Laser Printing 

2.Customer's company name&logo, Sequential numbers 

meter seal

meter seal verification and inspection process should be used prior to seals being placed and closed: 

1.View seal and container locking mechanisms 

2. Verify seal number for accuracy 

3.Tug on seal to make sure it is affixed properly 

4.Twist and turn seal to make sure it does not unscrew

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