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What are the role of security seals
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-01-18 PV :

The security seal is a one-time sealing device used in trucks, trucks or container trucks and containers. Once the seal is locked, it can not be opened, unless it is destroyed by violence, and can not be destroyed. And each seal has a unique number on the logo, more protection of its security. In the container or container transport without permission can not be opened privately, once opened there can be seen from the damaged high security cover. 

The lock and the lock lever are made of metal. The inside of the lock body is a spring-type structure, and the surface is galvanized passivation. The surface of the lock body can be customized according to the customer's needs or the bar code and the bar code. Words and so on. 

security seal application

Using anything less is not advised when transporting high valued goods. Global customs have strict rules on what qualifies as high security. High security seals are exceptionally durable and can’t be removed without the use of special tools. If safety is a concern, especially when large volumes or valuable goods are a factor, anything less puts you and your business at an unnecessary risk. Insist on Bolt Seal rated as High Security and ISO17712. Quality control is of the utmost importance when making decisions when in the market for high security seals.

Our bolt seals comply with international standards and have an ISO17712 rating, granting them a high-security rating. This is essential for international goods transport and it means that they are accepted by customs all around the world – of particular note are the stringent US customs. The ratings are granted by an independent agency. 

plastic seal for bags

Features: Consists of high-density polyethylene for greater durability in extreme weather. High temperature resistant locking chamber. Clean Break Design ensures that individual seals detach from the strip without plastic waste. Unsurpassed customization capabilities. Optional Tear Away feature for easy removal. Available in seven colors.(online ordering available in red or blue) 

APPLICATIONS: Containers and Bins,Shipping Containers,Truck and Trailer Doors,Fire Doors, Railroad Freight and Tank Car Doors,Storage Bins,Tractor Trailers,Transfer Hoppers 

LOCKING INSTRUCTIONS Insert arrow head into locking barrel as far as it will go until it clicks Tug on seal to ensure it is fully locked Record seal number as required

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