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Fire Extinguisher Tamper Seal
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-01-22 PV :

Pull pin fire extinguisher seal is made from durable polypropylene which secures the trigger, yet breaks away upon activation. Slide the beaded thread through the pull pin. Loop the thread around the extinguisher’s top handle. Insert the end of the beaded thread through its base. Tighten until the loop is snug against the handle. They can also be used to seal supply cabinets, totes, and more. 

In the excitement of a fire the inexperienced person sometimes will panic and fail to pull the pin before trying to operate the unit. As a result the person will bend the metal pin or ruin the valve causing the extinguisher to become inoperable. Extinguisher seals reveal tampering at a glance and easily breakaway when needed. The plastic seal are a tamper evident device, which lets you know if the fire extinguisher has been used. It also helps to prevent the pin from accidentally becoming dislodged, and potentially lost. They have a very low breaking strength, and can easily be broken by twisting (or pulling, but more difficult) the pin from the extinguisher.

 fire extinguisher seal

Another possibility, if this extinguisher's tag has a number or date (or if the tag is a form of color-coding), is that this may be used to indicate when the extinguisher was last inspected as part of a regular inspection and maintenance plan. This is typically performed annually, beginning with the date of installation. 

Our fire extinguisher seals are tamper evident seals that allow you to tell at a glance if the seal has been compromised, yet are easy to break in an emergency. Standard pull-tite seals are a common safety feature for use on fire extinguishers so you know if the extinguisher has been used – don't take the chance that someone has tampered with the fire extinguisher and exhausted it, leaving it empty in the event of an emergency. 

These visual safety reminders indicate that fire equipment is safe to use. They are available in a range of colours including red, green, blue and white to co-ordinate with fire extinguisher coding or your own equipment protocols. Each seal is made from beaded polypropylene which is tough enough to hold firm when tied on the handle, but will snap under pressure if extinguisher the trigger is tensed. In the event of an emergency, the seal will not prevent the equipment being used - it simply identifies if tampering or misuse has occurred. 

  fire extinguisher tamper seal

Applying the seals to your extinguishers is simple - feed the strap through the cylinder's handle and pin, then lock with the seal mechanism. The seals fit easily to any standard extinguisher, with a smooth eyelet and chain connection that locks in when pulled tight. Each seal is 225mm in length, and excess strapping can be cut if required. A small tab features on each seal, which can be date marked with permanent marker or stickers for extra verification of safety. 

A tamper seal is single use only. Once installed, it cannot be reused. The seal is easy to break if needed: simply turn the pull pin in place until the seal breaks. The tamper seal is extremely difficult to break by pulling it straight.

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