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About the security plastic seal
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-01-30 PV :

Security seal is a tool which is used for preventing theft. According to the application, security seals can be varied from custom seals, container seals and seals for commerical inspection and so on. As long as the security seal is locked, it can not be open except breaking it with violent. And the security seal will not be able to reuse any more. Each security seal can be customized with a number of unique identification. 

Fixed bayonet and demand lead sealing device convergence, flip lead sealing cover some, and lead sealing cover fixed some close, lead sealing cover some of the bayonet holesa and lead sealing cover fixed some cohesion, constitute a fixed start, lead sealing hole happened through the holes in the lead sealing cover, with wire through the lead sealing hole and lead grain along with a seal. This product has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, good security. Self-locking fastener is designed to be easily applied and removed. Requires no tools for removal, saving valuable time when accessing medication or supplies. 

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Plastic security seals fall into one of thee categories: adjustable length, fixed length or plastic padlock. Plastic seals are frequently referred to as "indicative seals" as they "indicate" tampering. They are designed to show evidence of tampering and are not a security device but rather a visual indicator of tampering and theft deterrent. 

Adjustable length seals allow the user to adapt the seal according to specific size requirement and can fit many applications from securing neck of a bag or mail sack to sealing chemical drums, first aid kits and fire extinguishers. Fixed-length seals tend to be more tamper resistant than variable length as there are no sliding parts, they simply 'click' into place to lock, which can make them easier to fit than variable length seals. Plastic padlock seals are as the name implies, shaped like a padlock and are frequently used situations where a traditional padlock would be used. All plastic security seals can be branded, numbered and /or bar coded for extra security. One-piece, pull-tight, adjustable seal is designed to enhance safety by showing evidence of tampering once the seal has been removed. 

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Security seals and anti-tampering systems have an essential role to play within this sector of transport and in-flight operations. 

Catering: Main roles of plastic padlock security seals for airlines are sealing catering trollies with light duty plastic security seal that can have the airline’s branding to ensure integrity once they are dispatched from the preparation point until delivery to the relevant flight. The seal is checked to ensure that there has been no tampering attempts. 

Duty free: Duty free trolleys can be sealed wtih plastic padlock security seals, they are removed just before sale and replaced at the end of the sale. 

When an aeroplane has been prepared and refuled the various hatches and openings can also be sealed with an adhesive numbered security label. These security labels leave a void message if opened and cannot be reused.

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