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The Plastic Seal Is Different In Different Construction
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2017-10-26 PV :

There are various types of lead seals, and each type is made up of various materials, with the most special classification of plastic seals. Plastic has good plasticity can be used to mold injection molding production, and the cost of materials is far cheaper than steel wire, aluminum alloy, so choose plastic seal was relatively clear choice to do.

Of course, plastic is used as the material not only because it can be used in mass injection and production and cost, but also the advantages of light weight and easy dismantling. The plastic seal looks like a similar surface, but the internal structure has another mystery.

padlock seal

 It can be divided into two categories: one-piece plastic seal and welded plastic seal. Their difference lies in the one-off injection molding and injection molding. In one-time molding seal head you have injection molding of plastic buckle, this is the only place to card buckle seals, relative welding injection molding plastic seals and the difference of seal head is installed in the stainless steel buckle, when seal through the want to pull out would be grabbed a hold of, buckle the stainless steel sheet will snap seal hard pull.

Two kinds of material appearance looks the same plastic seals because of different internal structure has produced different tensile condition, relative procedures tend to be more secure, more choice and choose plastic seals should be used according to actual situation.

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