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Wire seal is made of titanium alloy lock body materials, outsourcing ABS plastic, handle the medium carbon steel material, consisting of the sealing device, is used to test table, the table jump, meter, electric inspection, inspection business links such as information management, electricity and electric power marketing into the whole information management the field work. The wire seal is one kind of lead seal product, his characteristic is to use only once, so again call one-time lead seal. But they all have the same properties.

Wire envelope of RFID chips RFID mainly includes two aspects of industrialization of key technologies and application of key technologies, including the RFID industry key technology mainly includes: the tag chip design and manufacturing, such as low cost, low power consumption of the RFID chip design and manufacturing technology, is suitable for the new tag chip to realize storage technology, anti-collision algorithm and circuit implementation technology, the chip security technology, and the tag chip and sensor integration techniques, etc.

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