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The versatile Lead Seal is especially suited to securing measurement and display devices, electricity, gas and water meters, gaming machines, containers for valuables and ballot boxes. The seal can also be used in the creative industries for customised product labeling.
The Lead Seal is a small seal made of lead. The seal can be used in combination with copper, galvanised iron or plastic wire, as well as Hemp String The Lead Seal is fastened by threading wire or string through the seal body. To prevent slipping, a simple knot is then tied and pulled back up into the cylindrical seal. To complete the process, the Lead Seal must be crimped with a Seal Nipper. The Seal Nipper is available in two sizes. Customised dies to emboss the seal with a logo or initial can be supplied on request.
lead seal application
lead seal used
Place a wire meter seal through the hole in the tag, then around your pipeor valve, and finally through the slot in the lead seal. Then use  sealing press to crimp the seal and lock the wire in place.
Pure lead seal covered with aluminum cap & serial numbers printed. Meter seals are widely used for water, gas & electrical meters, these seals are also used by petroleum and chemical industries.
Wire cutters or simple cutting tools are required to remove the seal.

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