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how to position lead seal
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-02-28 PV :

Electronic information develops quickly. Nowadays, a normal electronic seal can have GPS positioning function, which can be an important improvement of electronic intelligent trend. What is the function of GPS?

The function of positioning mainly targets at petroleum and mobile vans. The biggest advantage is that you can know exactly the location of goods through positioning system, which can monitor goods well.  

Specific example of GPS positioning of petroleum electronic seals   

1.When oil tank truck drives to appointed area at oil warehouse or gas station, apply to open button at oil static period, press button and green light turns on, when system replies command “allow to start switch”, broadcast through voice, and at this time, green light turns from flashing state to normal on state, which indicate to start switch. When start switch by manual operation, red light will turn on, which indicates switch is truly in can be turned on and off state. 

2.Abnormal situation treatment: if system replies command “reject to open switch”, it indicates oil tank truck is not in the allowed open oil warehouse or gas station. 

3.This area is a new area which has not been added to service center appointed database. 

4.Due to satellite positioning signal moves, positioning deviation greatly, system thinks of oil tank truck surpasses allowable range and rejects to open switch.

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