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Lantern Festival folk customs
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Dance dragon light

Also known as dragon dance or dragon dance. Its origins can be traced back to ancient times. Legend has it that as early as the Yellow Emperor, in a kind of "Qingjiao" large-scale song and dance, the image of the leading bird who appeared as a human being appeared. Later, six dragon dance scenes interspersed with each other were arranged. The dragon dance recorded in the text is the "Xijing Fu" by Zhang Heng in the Han Dynasty. The author made a vivid portrayal of the dragon dance in the narration of the hundred plays. According to "Sui Shu music records" records, similar to the Sui Xuan Emperor Dragon Dance performance "Dragon" is also very exciting, Dragon Dance popular in many parts of China. The Chinese nation advocates the dragon, the dragon as a symbol of good luck.

Lantern Festival

Lion dance

Lion dance is China's outstanding folk art, every Lantern Festival or rally celebration, folk dance to come to the lion dance. This custom originated in the period of the Three Kingdoms and became popular during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. It has a history of over one thousand years.


Draw dryboat, folklore is to commemorate the active flood control Dayu. Ankle tankers, also known as running dry tankers, imitate the work of the boat line on the land. Hanzhong not a real ship, with more than two sheets, sawed into a boat-shaped, made of bamboo and then covered with colored cloth, the Department of the girl's waist, as sitting in the boat, holding a paddle in hand, to do rowing Pose, while running, sing some local minor, singing and dancing, this is a rowing boat. Sometimes there is another man dressed as a boat passenger, partner performances, most of them dressed as clown, with a variety of funny gestures to the audience joy. Rowing boat popular in many parts of China.

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