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The definition of E-seal RFID
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-03-08 PV :

The working frequency of RFID includes low frequency LF, high frequency HF, and ultra-high frequency and accord with products with different standards.

RFID and system with different frequencies have different characteristics. Therefore, basing on application, we analyze each frequency. Low frequency (from 125KHz to 134KHz) technology is firstly widely applied and promoted at low frequency. It is mainly operating through inductive coupling, which means there is transformer coupling effect between reader coil and inductor coil. The voltage sensed at inductor antenna through reader alternating field is rectified, which can be used as power supply source for label use. Magnetic field can be defined well, but due to field strength reduces quickly, therefore, reading distance is influenced.

RFID seal

Characteristics of low frequency RFID

1、Inductor of low frequency working frequency is generally from 120KHz to 134KHz. The wave length of this frequency section is about 2500m.

2、 Besides influenced by metal material, general low frequency can penetrate any materials and without reducing its reading distance, therefore, its transmission character is also good.

3、The reader of low frequency does not have any special wireless permission limit at global range.

4、Low frequency products have different sealing form. Good sealing form is expensive in price, but as long as good manufacturers, seals will be produced according to strict technical standards, which can be used at bad environment with over ten years of use.

 5、 Although the magnetic area of this frequency reduces quickly, it can produce evenly reading area.

6、Comparing with RFID products of other frequencies, the data transmission rate is slowly but it can meet the application requirements of general industries.

7、The price of low frequency inductor is more expensive than other frequency sections.

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