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Protecting trees is everyones responsibility
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-03-09 PV :

The annual Arbor Day is approaching and we are beginning to protect the trees and trees. We cannot protect forests and trees only on Arbor Day. We should protect trees and trees all the time.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, when the earth was owned by animals, the plants were lush and full of vitality. They were full of green. However, after the appearance of human beings with intelligence quotient far higher than other animals, the plants were reduced like magic. That's because humans cut down trees to build houses. Some are because of commercial needs, a large number of large-scale deforestation leaves open space for building the building. Because many people cut trees and trees without authorization, nature was destroyed.

Arbor Day

There are many downsides to cutting trees. Everyone knows that trees can recycle carbon dioxide. If trees are cut down in large numbers, the number of trees will drastically decrease, and the carbon dioxide we exhale cannot be recycled. Dense trees can stop dust storms. In the past two years, Beijing suffered sandstorms. The entire city is covered in sand. This is also due to the lack of protection of trees.

I hope everyone can protect the trees, protect the trees, and add green to the life of the city!

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