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How to judge seal is good or not
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-03-12 PV :

Plastic seal is one of commonly used during daily life. It is used to fix the lines of TV, computer, electrics, lamps, electronic tools, mechanical equipment oil line, nylon gear at ships, bike whole packing, and also bundle up agriculture, garden, handicraft, also supermarkets at Europe or American countries.

Methods of judging it is good or bad

1、Observe the appearance of plastic seals. For good quality seals, the appearance color is even without impurity. For bad quality ones, it has many bubbles, impurities, gaps or burning.

2、Observe if the tooth is complete and scrap by nail to see if there is deformation. The fixation is not solid for seals with deformation and uneven tooth. Not for good quality ones. 

3、Check the instrument and see the material. For some bad quality materials, the characteristics are not good, which are easy to break, age and short service life.

4、Check the strength. Slightly pull. Strong pulling strength will make seals to easy break. And for different models, the strength is not same. If random pull, seals break, then this one is unqualified.

5、See if products have quality verification mark. The quality supervision bureau inspects the qualified products.

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