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The function of safety valve seals
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-04-02 PV :

The seal is used to protect the safety valve in the normal position, to prevent someone from mistakenly closing the valve, so that the safety valve will not be safe. In addition, the purpose of the safety valve with the hand valve is: when the safety valve needs to be corrected, the handle valve is closed so that the safety valve is isolated to be corrected, and the production is not affected. Therefore, it is necessary to add a hand valve before the safety valve. The seal of the safety valve is to prevent the operator from opening the valve by mistake.

The safety valve will be recognized by the safety supervision department and the mechanical and electrical management department after the it is calibrated to the rated pressure, set pressure, discharge pressure, back pressure, and other pressure holding tests, then the seal will be installed. It seals the adjusting cap and the detachable part of the valve body, so that the pressure of the safety valve cannot be adjusted and the valve body cannot be disassembled.

After the safety valve is completely adjusted, it must be sealed to prevent the arbitrarily changing of the adjusted situation. When the safety valve is delivered from the factory, unless otherwise specified, it is adjusted by using normal temperature air according to the upper line high pressure value of the working pressure level. Therefore, users generally need to adjust it according to actual working conditions, then seal it again to achieve the effect of normal work.

Based on the above, it can be concluded that the safety valve seal is refers to that, after the safety valve is calibrated, the internal parts of the safety valve which can be adjusted or rotated to released are fixed by a cable wire, to avoid the malfunction of the safety valve or the change of the setting pressure caused by being tampered with or released.

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