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Regional differences during the Tomb-sweeping Day
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-04-03 PV :

Hong Kong

Tomb-sweeping is an important festival in Hong Kong. The people of Hong Kong will visit their ancestors to burn incense sticks and concubines. Most of the offerings are fruit, flowers, roast pigs or white chickens. In order to avoid crowding people, Hong Kong people are often used to advancing the mountain several weeks in advance. They do not necessarily abide by the tradition of sweeping graves and worshiping ancestors on Tomb-sweeping Day.

Indonesian Chinese

The Chinese living in Indonesia have continued the tradition of worshipping grave ancestors during the Tomb-sweeping Day. "Best Goodness and Filial Piety are First," and in the values of the Chinese community, "filial piety" ranks first, and grave-eating ancestors are a manifestation of filial piety.

One week before the Tomb-sweeping Day, Indonesian Chinese began to buy paper money, candles, flower baskets, and modern offerings such as "gold bars" and "mobile phones." The person who went to the foreign cemetery booked the ticket and the ticket early. The Indonesian Chinese stated that the Tomb-sweeping Day was of great significance. Not only did the grave ancestors sacrifice their respects to their ancestors, they also remembered the merits of their ancestors. It was also a day when brothers and sisters were reunited. Customs of the Tomb-sweeping Day should be handed down from generation to generation, and modern society in particular should promote filial piety.

Tomb-sweeping Day

Singapore Chinese

From the end of March to the end of April each year, there will always be a continuous stream of “dragons” and bustling people on the road leading to the cemeteries and columbariums and temples in Singapore’s suburbs. Like the Chinese people in other parts of the world, Singaporean Chinese will not forget to grave their ancestors during the Tomb-sweeping Day, “remembering their ancestors and cautiously pursuing the truth”.

Chinese Singaporeans still gravely graves according to traditional ceremonies. During the Tomb-sweeping Day, Singaporean Chinese would travel by family and put wine, fruit and flowers in front of their relatives, lit incense, incinerate the paper money, make a bow and salute, and finally eat the food back home.

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