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Seals applications in the power industry
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-04-08 PV :

Measuring seals, also known as seals, are a traditional device for anti-counterfeiting and cheating. They are usually made of plastics, metals, etc. The widely use of metal as a material makes metered seals often referred to as seals, which is used to prevent the opening and destruction of metering equipment. The previously used seals have a long history, are widely used and easy to use. Because of their simple structure and seal identification, they are also easy to copy. Therefore, the anti-counterfeiting performance is poor. The current seals need to rely on seal clamps to imprint, and identify whether the seals are legal and effective through the mark on the seals. However, the application of the seal clamps cannot effectively solve the security problems of seals, and at the same time, it increases the burden of the power companies administrative department. The file management of seals needs to be manually recorded by the staff at the time of sealing. After the sealing, manually input the computer or save the manual record file directly. The whole process is cumbersome and backward. 

The combination of seals and the electric power industry has done a good job of preventing electricity theft. From time to time, electric shocks have been heard in certain places. Meter seal is a one-time seal, and the user will know whether it is removed.

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