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Security cable seals
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cable seals come with laser engraved numbering as an additional tamper deterrent. The strength of a cable seal is proportionate to the thickness of the metal cable used in the cable seal. Thicker cables are stronger – as well as more difficult to cut through. In general you will want to use the smallest cable seal that is appropriate for your application, as smaller cable seals use less material and have a correspondingly lower price point, however, only the 3.5mm cable seal is C-TPAT compliant. Cable seals are a variation of seals. The metal cable cannot be removed without a side cutter and is therefore very reliable. Our cable seals are available in different cable diameters and colours of the lock. Cable seals can be preprinted, a consecutive number is printed on any cable seal. This security seal is also very popular within the freight and cargo industry, especially for high-value shipments. 

Cable seals are barrier level seals which mean they cannot be removed by hand, requiring tools such as cable cutters for removal. They're commonly used for long distance transportation and will deter opportunistic theft. 

cable seal for cargo

Pull tight Galvanized Steel cable seals offer a tamper evident solution for sealing truck trailers, containers, and various other cargo holds. Made of heavy-duty Galvanized Steel these cable seals have a tension strength of up to 661 lbs and come pre-printed with 6 digit sequencial numbers. To use simply thread the end of the 1.8mm Galvanized Steel wire through the heavy-duty aluminum alloy lock and pull tight. These security seals can only be removed by wire cutters. This is a ISO 17712:2013 Compliant Seal. 

What is the material ? The body is aluminum.the lock mechanishs are made with other metals. The wire is galvanized steel wire rope,we can make the seals with stainless steel wire rope personalized for the different customers. 

How to print? We print the sequential number and logo or company name by laser engraving. it is the most security. If you want to tamper it,It will be very obvious traces left on the surface. The barcode is readable .

Making sure you fully understand the types of cargo seals and how they function is obviously a key to choosing the right seal. You’ll need to make sure the seals are easy for consignees to deal with, and easy for non-skilled inspectors to understand. Look beyond the base price of the cargo seal and make sure you chose one that will provide the optimal security for your situation – cheapest is not always best. Talk to vendors and have them explain seals, including ways they can be breached, and also discuss your standards with your insurance carrier. 

cable seal

Having the right cargo seals for your shipments can keep them out of the wrong hands, and help you keep your product loss to a minimum. Cable Seals to seal Containers, Trucks, Trailers and Tankers. For the global containerized intermodal Freight transport we offer special designed versions which comply with the ISO 17712 and C-TPAT regulations. These barrier security seals protect goods from opportunistic attack. Our Security Cable Seals are available in different Cable diameters from 1.5 to 5 mm. Customisable with logo, number and barcodes to make each seal unique which supports and secures logistical processes. Heavy cutters are required to open the seal. 

A common security feature of cable seals is that the cable stands fray when the cable is cut for removal. cable seals in variable lengths. Cable seals can also be made to the lengths specified. A minimum order would be required for customising the cable seal length and printing. 

Similar to many other security seals it is important to inspect prior to removal. This would involve checking that the seal numbers are correct and that appearance of the cable seal’s colour and physical characteristics are consistent with a known authentic cable seal. Cable cutters or any other standard removal tools can be used to remove the cable seal. Standard safety precautions should always be taken when using cable cutters or any other removal tools.

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