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What’s the one time security seal
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-01-26 PV :

The Seal is a metal, one-time use security seal and is unique (not replicable) to that seal in line with the code of practice. 

Security seals are mechanisms used to seal shipping containers in a way that provides tamper evidence and some level of security. Such seals can help to detect theft or contamination, either accidental or deliberate. Security seals are commonly used to secure truck trailers, vessel containers, chemical drums, airline duty-free trolleys and utility meters. Typically they are considered an inexpensive way of providing tamper evidence of intrusion into sensitive spaces. One tool often used in supply chain security programs is security seals. There are two primary types of shipping container seals indicative and barrier. Indicative seals demonstrate if the item being sealed has been tampered with. They can easily be broken since their function is to demonstrate entry, not deter it. The use of stronger seals, known as barrier seals, is becoming more common. In addition to providing evidence of tampering, these seals can actually deter theft because they are harder to remove. These shipping container seals are typically used on ocean containers, rail cars and long-haul trucks. 

one time use bolt seal

Applicable Area :Our security seals are mainly apply to all kinds of containers, container trucks, Banks, airlines catering, storage control, Supermarkets, courier serives and identification, etc. 


1. Material: we use A grade PP material with iron insert core, which is easy for recycling and resistant to sunlight and rain. 

2. Tensile Strength: the strong PP material ensures our seals can bear the weight of 35 kg. 

3. Customization: Various colors , Bar code, digital coding and customized logo are available. 

 one time use plastic seal

Within the logistics industry, a very large percentage of tampering of security seals is done, even before the tote box, truck trailer or ocean container departs from its point of loading. Therefore, users of security seals that make a conscious decision to utilize security seals that are specifically designed to provide easy detection of pre tampering, will harvest the benefits of decreased time use Tamper-proof and cost-benefit analysis will most likely prove that it pays to choose good security seal designs.

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