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What’s the Luggage seal
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-02-06 PV :

The Luggage seal is a pull-tight seal designed to be user-friendly enough for travellers to use. It has various features that make the Luggage seal stand out from the competition. Luggage seal has successfully penetrated the travellers' accessories market and its versatility has allowed it to be spread to industrial-use applications - especially when the users applying the seals are likely to be laypersons when it comes to security seals. 

The seal locks the zipper heads to prevent the bag from being opened. Much like cable-ties, once applied, the LuggageLock cannot be unlocked without breaking the seal. 

luggage seal

However, cable-ties look identical and may be replaced with another to hide evidence of tampering. To combat this, Luggage seal are all serial numbered so that every seal is unique. A record of this number is kept by the user when the tear-off tab is snapped off. The numbers on the tear-off tab may be used to match those of the sealed LuggageLock to determine if the bag has been compromised. 

The Luggage Seal has been designed to provide evidence of illegal entry indicating tampering on luggage/bags fitted with twin zip sliders. 

Our one-trip bags are perfect for securing documents, cash and other valuables. We supply various sizes of bag, including A3 and A4, and many of them are Australian Commonwealth Government endorsed. Bags can also be customised with company logos. 

padlock seal

Seals provide evidence of tampering. Padlocks can be opened without your knowledge. If your seals are broken upon collection of your luggage, check contents and report any problems to authorities. Padlocks can be and may be cut off by customs officers without your consent. This may also damage your luggage. When removing your seals, simply twist to break or use scissors Each seal is individually numbered and unique to you. 

"The Pick Proof Seals are a wonderful addition to my travel needs. Not only are they TSA approved, but they also give you that peace-of-mind that your luggage is secure & has not been tampered with."

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