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What’s the plastic padlock seal
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-02-07 PV :

Padlock seals are usually supplied as a completely plastic seal, shaped as a standard padlock would be. Technically, they can be classed as a fixed length seal. They feature the same types of tamper-evident protection as variable length and fixed length have available - numbering, bar-coding and branding - but fit some different applications. The most common use for these seals is for airline duty-free trolleys. One reason for this is that plastic padlocks can be placed over a locking part as any metal padlock would be to secure, but do not require keys to open, they simply break off at their built in break point using hands or a small pair of wire cutters. They are secure due to the audit trail available as a result of the sequential numbering.

padlock seal application

One-component seal (seal body and insert joined by plastic flexible bridge.)Designed to single use.Pre-installed condition of the seal minimizes any attempts to manipulate with locking mechanism.Transparent body of the seal allows visual control of the locking mechanism, integrity of the sealing wire and provides clear indication of tampering.Special designed cuts and the hole on the seal insert prevent any attempts to open the seal using the heating and physical force. The seal will be destroyed.Seal body and insert are marked with sequential numbers. Barcode and QR code - on customers request.Withstand exposure of sunlight and extreme weather condition. Easy to use. Insert the wire through the sealing holes. Lock the seal pressing with fingers.Removal: Use the side-cutting pliers. 

padlock seal

Plastic Padlock with Wire . The is a high quality, cost efficient padlock seal with a transparent acrylic core, over molded by a solid acrylic shell. 

One-piece construction. Just snap into place. No special assembly needed. It can withstand extended exposure to outdoor elements. The seal locking integrity can be monitored at all times thanks to the see-through body.Clear Body for easy detection of tampering (can also come in solid color)Two colors, two materials, one-piece, colored shell over molded plastic.Galvanized wire hasp, stainless hasp on request.Choice of hasp shapes; hasp can be solid for high resistance or scored for easy removal.

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