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A lunar year
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-02-08 PV :

Today is the twelfth lunar month of the twelfth lunar month, commonly known as "the little boy." Today is the "rehearsal" of the entire Spring Festival celebrations. 

Lunar December 23 and 24, is the traditional sacrificial stove day, also known as "small year." Legend stove king was originally a civilian Zhangsheng, married after spending the final day, defeated the family property reduced to begging on the streets. One day, he begged his ex-wife Guo clove home, ashamed, drilled to the bottom of a stove burned. celebrate the start of a new year, a time of rebirth. 

a lunar year

Lunar New Year is one of the most important festivals for millions around the world as people dedicate time and focus toward family, feasting, cleaning, gifts, games, settling debts, and hoping for good luck in the new year. the holiday generally occurs in mid-January to late-February, lasts several days, and marks the beginning of spring. Called the Spring Festival, Spring Festival kicked off from childhood, once the young feel the Spring Festival really came. 

In Shandong Luxi area folk "twenty-three, sticky cake sticky" ballad. Every year on the twelfth lunar month twenty-three, is every household steaming cake to eat sticky cake day, which means to stick stove king mouth, let it God said good things, not to mention the world of bad things. Sticky rice with yellow rice, red dates and other raw materials, sweet and strong, soft entrance, take "year after year," the auspicious meaning.

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