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whats the tamper proof bolt seal
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-02-09 PV :

A security seal is a device used to discourage and at the same time show evidence of tampering, pilferage and or unauthorized access to goods or places. Generally, seals can be classified in two main groups; indicative and barrier seals Indicative seals are generally manufactured from plastic materials that have a relatively low breaking point and are easily removed by hand or using a simple tool. They are therefore ideal for providing evidence of unauthorized access to goods or place. 

 security seal

Security Seals are designed to discourage tampering, pilferage and access to unauthorized access to places. The use of seals by itself will not stop an individual to access to a sealed place or item, but if used correctly, security seals can be extremely effective in reducing tampering, pilferage and unauthorized access to places.The high security bolt seal Cargo Bolt is designed to seal shipping containers, box trailers, railway wagons and other big transport containers.To lock this bolt seal, the grooved end of the steel bolt simply needs to be pushed into the plastic-coated steel locking chamber until it snaps. Once locked, the Cargo Bolt can only be opened with a bolt cutter. 

tamper proof bolt seal

Aluminium Name Plate Laser Marking: Mark Laser technology uses a laser create permanent marks on your plate, it is like a engraving laser performance. All types of marks, such as numbers, alphabets, 2D Data Matrix Codes, logos, graphics, text etc. can be etched in all sizes and shapes. We are exporter and Manufacturer of Mini Laser engraving Machine, nameplate engraving machine, laser marking, nameplate laser engraving, laser marking system, laser marking machine etc.An 8-digit serial number is printed on the plastic coat of the Cargo Bolt. Bolt Seal an ISO 17712:2013 (E) compliant high security barrier seal, designed for high value ISO container cargo shipments. The plastic coated bolt and locking bush are laser marked with identical sequential numbers for added security and traceability. When locked the bolt spins freely to confirm seal integrity. 

Anti-Tampering Bridge – The plastic on the bolt seal cracks when tampered with but does not break. This provides Tamper Evidence yet keeping the Container secured.

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