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Valentine’s Day 
Article : Tengxin Lock Industrial Limited CO.,LTD. Date Time : 2018-02-11 PV :

This is all of us know, Valentine's Day is February 14, it is a traditional festival in the West, but now it is popular with all of us. As far as I know, you most want to celebrate the holiday, but I want to tell you something about its details.

First, let me tell you the origin of this festival. In fact, there are many legends about the origin of Valentine's Day. For a limited time, I only choose to tell you one of the shorter ones. In Britain, birds often show their love for their lover on February 14. As a result, people think of the day as the beginning of a young life and the day of love. Therefore, people try to imitate the behavior of birds. This is why one day is called Valentine's Day. 

More importantly, there are some that are done with Valentine's Day. This is a rose.

Valentine's Day

 First of all, roses are good for Valentine's Day gifts. The different colors of roses represent different meanings. Pink roses means your people send this is your first love. One of the people you love now is the red rose on your loving gift. Orange Rose says you say, "You are beautiful." To your sweetheart. And white roses represent you respect your lover. Second, the number of roses you decide to send to you has different meanings. The meaning of a rose is "only you"; the meaning of two roses is "only the world of our two." A rose means "I love you." The meaning of 99 roses is "Forever." 100 kinds of roses mean "100% love". And 108 kinds of roses mean "Do you want to marry me?"

 In addition, people from different countries may do different things on this day. In the United States, people always like to postcards to their own lover. Even some young people may post a message in the newspaper to show that he or she loves his or her loved ones. In Britain, people tend to celebrate the day with big romantic dinners. They will send roses to their loved ones during the meal. 

In Australia, people often send purple shells to their own lover, they think it represents loyalty. In China, more and more people celebrate the festival. Like people in western countries, we also send rose chocolates or to our lovers.

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