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The purpose of using the adhesive wire is simple, which is to solve the problem of the oxidation of steel wire seal. The use environment of the wire seal is varied and the adaptability of the wire seal is very tested. Because its steel wire is completely in the air, it is easy to oxidize, even if it is properly tempered, it is still oxidized. But package plastic wire seal can be a good solution to this problem, the package plastic wire seal and oxygen after contact only at the end of the wire diameter area, can enhance the oxidation resistance of wire seal. Package plastic wire seal has a benefit, can't see the tiny hairs on the surface of the wire, but when used carelessly or will be easy to cut hands skin, increase the plastic bags can't prick the hand after use. 

plastic seal

Package plastic wire improved a lot in terms of oxidation resistance and easy to use, production costs compared with the ordinary steel wire seal too expensive a diu diu, whether to choose to use plastic bags of wire seal need to use a combination of industry for judgment. With the development of social economy in recent years, the use of seal products have been throughout all aspects of many industries, use seal sealing containers at the same time, not just want to have the guarantee of product quality and safety, use convenient, also is the new development direction of seal. In the case of using principle, add other designs to make lead seal better use, such as steel wire seal can use bag glue wire.

The development of lead seal has promoted the progress of protection and safety and has a great effect on transportation, anti-theft and other aspects.

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