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Inspection & Protection

Product inspection. Generally used for import and export trade. Of course, sometimes domestic trade transactions may also be used, but less. By the commodity inspection agency to prove your goods by the test to meet the quality and quantity. Buyers with your certificate issued by the single can understand the quality of goods is consistent with its needs. Sometimes as one of the negotiable documents.

China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is China's most authoritative, the largest inspection agencies. General Chinese products are exported here by commodity inspection. The most public international commodity inspection agency is Switzerland's SGS, also has offices in major cities in China.


Need for commodity inspection can be divided into several categories:
1) The customer needs the commodity inspection. Customers to ensure that they received the goods and the contract made the same, will require you to apply for commodity inspection and issued a single commodity inspection.
2) China needs to check the goods. Some countries require the export of goods before the export inspection.
3) goods that the importing country needs to check. The importing country may have to test for certain Chinese exports. Inspection may be carried out in China, may also be carried out in the import.

"Commodity Inspection Law" provides that the contents of the inspection of imported and exported goods, including the quality of goods, specifications, quantity, weight, packaging and compliance with safety and health requirements. The basis of inspection is mainly based on the relevant provisions of the contract of sale (including letters of credit).


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